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Eyelash lift

Get Stunning Lashes with Eyelash Lift by Easywell. Will you be fed up with using mascara or fake eyelashes that just do not supply you with the desired look? Well, if you would like boost your lashes with no hassle, eyelash lift are the solution you have been to locate! 


Eyelash lift of Easywell are a beauty treatment that lifts and curls your lashes that are natural providing them with the length and fullness you would like. Its a painless and technique that is long-lasting lasts up to six weeks. The part that is best is so it'll create your eyes pop, providing you a brighter and much more awake appearance. With eyelash lift and tint, you will kiss your lash and mascara glue goodbye.

Why choose Easywell Eyelash lift?

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How exactly to use

The entire process of eyelash curling lift are easy and takes about an hour or so. Here is how it really is done:

1. Your esthetician will thoroughly clean your lashes.

2. They has apply a silicone pad to your eyelids curved shape and employ a bonding glue to stick your lashes on the pad.

3. They shall then apply a solution that is perm your lashes, which will surely help lift and curl them.

4. The esthetician will likely then apply a neutralizer answer to your lashes to neutralize the solution that are perm.

5. Finally, they are going to take away the pad, and you has beautifully lifted and curled lashes.


Eyelash lift are a beauty that is popular that are available in many salons and spas. Before booking your appointment, remember to choose a licensed and trained esthetician who may has expertise in eyelash lift. You has to also question them about there security precautions together with products they normally use.


The standard of eyelash lift will depend on the expertise of the esthetician while the products they use. Using products that is high-quality also crucial for the longevity and safety regarding the treatment.

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