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Black french tips nails

Introduction to Black French Tip Nails

Then you’ve probably heard of French tip nails if you love painting your nails. Well, black French tip nails would be the trend that is new. They add an original and bold statement to your outfit. Easywell  black french tips nails are painted with black polish at the tip associated with nail, as the other countries in the nail is painted with a light color, traditionally white. They’re suitable for both casual and formal occasions.


The benefits of black French tip nails are endless. Firstly, they’re extremely versatile. You are able to put them on any special occasion - be it a birthday party, night out, and sometimes even a wedding. Secondly, they’re long-lasting. The look brings forth the beauty that is natural of nails and reduces chipping and cracking, and that can be due to day to day activities. Thirdly, the Easywell black gel polish are elegant and add a little class to your general look. Lastly, they’re simple to do and present a salon-like finish.

Why choose Easywell Black french tips nails?

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Black French tip nails are versatile and will be utilized by anyone. They’re ideal for people who wish to achieve a bold and edgy look. Below are a few application suggestions of Easywell  french tip nails to make fully sure your nails look beautiful:


- Apply a base coat first


- Apply two coats of white polish


- Invest some time when using the tip that is black


- Apply a topcoat to incorporate a finish that is glossy


- Avoid putting pressure on your nails through to the polish is dry


- Use polish remover to completely clean any mistakes or smudges

Black French tip nails

Black French tip nails will be the way that is perfect start exercising edge to your look. They’re versatile, long-lasting, and simple to complete. At our store, we provide high-quality black polish and helpful customer care. So why not check out our black Easywell french gel polish today, and produce your bold and unique nail look?

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