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Environmental sustainability is an attitude that every country, enterprise, and individual in the world should have. There is only one Earth in the world. To love and protect the Earth is to love ourselves and the future.

We always regards environmental sustainability as its primary goal. Firstly, many of our product packaging aims to reduce the environment, reduce waste, reduce pollution, and save resources. Secondly, we prioritize environmentally friendly materials in our product materials, such as wearing armor. We use ABS material, which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly thermoplastic polymer material processed and formed. Once again,in production process, we purchased large  environmental protection equipment and social insurance within the factory to reduce gas emissions and reduce pollution and impact on the environment.It is too expensive,but we feel it is necessary and worth it.


We provide blister cards and folding paper boxes with water-based coatings and plant ink, and our fiberboard materials have a recycled content of up to 99%. We provide void filling and protective packaging materials that contain recycled ingredients and are biodegradable. Many of the plastic bags we provide are produced in factories that use 100% renewable energy.

We planted a large number of trees around the factory, with a vegetation coverage rate of over 60%. The factory is located in the forest. At the same time, we have built the factory area in relatively remote suburbs, far from the human population, to better protect humanity.

We waste discharge during the production process is separated from household waste, stored separately, and handed over to designated environmental protection agencies for recycling at regular and designated times. We have to pay a large fee for this every year, but we feel it is necessary and worth it.

We require our production links to reduce material consumption as much as possible, especially the utilization rate of non Renewable resource to 99%.


We are extremely strict about the use of water in the production process, and cannot waste industrial water or electricity. Our goal is not to waste a little water or a kilowatt hour of electricity. For electricity consumption, we plan to introduce solar photovoltaic panels for industrial power generation to meet the production needs of our own factories, and excess electricity can be recycled to the country.

In our daily work, we started Paperless office office to reduce the use of paper. 99% of the work depends on computers.

We are also actively involved in environmental public welfare undertakings.
Every spring, we lead our employees and children to plant trees and trees to cultivate the next generation's awareness of environmental protection, so that they can truly feel and practice environmental protection. Caring for the environment starts with each of us and every small thing around us. We also donate materials and funds to areas and individuals affected by the environment every year, such as areas affected by earthquakes and secondary environmental impacts. We donate materials and funds.



In future, resources will become increasingly scarce, and some resources will not be renewable. We hope eaveryone of us will not waste, save resources, reduce pollution, make our Earth, our world, and our environment healthy and safe.Love is love.

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