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Voluntary donation activities in impoverished mountainous areas

Time: 2023-06-30 Hits: 47

2022, China will face a serious COVID-19. Our company will actively participate in community volunteer activities, and actively participate in community assistance. Through the post office, we will donate money and materials to the poor mountainous areas in southwest China to help them survive the cold winter.



From April to June 2022, Shanghai, China, was closed down due to COVID-19. Our leaders and employees purchased a large amount of materials through channels to help the local community.

In 2020, when COVID-19 is coming to Wuhan, China, our company will donate materials to the disaster area of Wuhan as soon as possible through the Chamber of Commerce and other non-governmental organizations to help the people in the disaster area defeat COVID-19.

We hope humanity will no longer have disasters and will always be peaceful and healthy.



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