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Manicure Sanding Band

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Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Bands
Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Band green
Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Bands
Sanding Band for nail salon
Sanding Band green
Sanding Band for nail salon

Hot selling Sanding Band for manicure pedicure Pink Green wholesale

Proudct Name

Sanding Band for manicure pedicure

Model Number

6.35*12.7 mm

Minimum Order Quantity

500 boxes

Packaging Details

Box size:38CM*29CM*18CM ,1 carton contains 4 boxes.

Place of Origin



CE, ISO9001

Delivery Time

7-15 DAYS

Product Features

Product show

Make Doing Nail Filing Easier, Faster, Safer, and more Economical

1. Although many ways and tools for preparing the nail surface, gel removing and pedicure today, Sanding band is still loved by many nail technicians.

2. Due to the material and filing principles, it is safer than the drill bit made by other material, such as carbide and ceramic, even a beginner can filing nail easily without worrying about the safety issue.

3. You only need to slip it on a mandrel and start your work with either of the right hand or left hand. It is great for both home and salon use.

4. The sanding band has the similar function with a nail file, but instead of rubbing the nail with a file, the sanding band helps do professional filing work with unexpected ease.

5. Sanding band is used to do filing work by rubbing the gel off, it is disposable, thus no need to disinfect the sanding band. Change the used sanding band after every client for health.

Sanding Band for manicure
Sanding Band for manicure
Sanding Band for manicure

Product Description

Sanding Band for manicure
Sanding Band for manicure
Sanding Band for manicure

Sanding Bands
Sanding Band for manicure
Brown sanding bands

Product Specifications

TypeManicure Sanding Bands
MaterialTop grade Aluminum Oxide / Silicon Carbide / Ceramic
Sanding Band Size:6.35*12.7mm
Grits:80#, 100#, 120#, 150#, 180#, 240#, 320#, 400#
Package Type100 pcs / bag, 100 pcs / box
Custom Service

1. Logo printing

2. Private label

3. Case color

4. Nail bit color

5. Package type

6. Flute type

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1White sanding band (3)
2.紫色砂圈 (4) (26)
Why Choose Us

3-7 Days Fast Express

3-7 Days Fast Express

5000 m2 Workshop

5000m² Workshop

10 Designers

10 Designers

Cooperate 600 Brands Customers

Cooperate 600 Brands Customers

247 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

Base in Shanghai

Base in Shanghai

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We have over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and selling nail tools, we have a production base spanning over 5000 square meters, producing high-quality manicure tools. In addition, we have also established production bases for press on nails, gel polish, and other products to meet the demands of the market and customers worldwide.

We have collaborated with over 600 brands and nail salons worldwide, making us highly familiar with market trends and customer preferences. We have helped numerous clients establish and develop their own brands, and we can provide strong marketing and sales consultancy to our customers.

We have more than 15 R&D technicians who rigorously control the design, molds, materials, high temperature resistance, cleanliness, safety, and rotating speed of our products.







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Customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, the Middle East, and Israel have sent us nearly 10000 positive reviews.










Q: What is your advantages?
A: Exported to 130 countries, 10 years of nail tools factory with 10000 designs and custom various nail art proposals, based on 5000 square meters modern production lines.

Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: You own the most flexible also different MOQ between custom service from current regular designs, the minimum order quantity is 100pcs, you can email to us and check more that suits you the most!

Q: When can I receive the product?
A: After the receipt of full payment, factory needs 7-14 days to get production finished normally, the final lead time also depends on your quantity and other requests, maybe little bit longer or shorter, you get updates in time always from the team!

Q: Could you provide free sample?
A: Yes, free sample is available then shipped over after you get express fee done, and you get samples charge returned when you confirm bulk order later, why not contact to get samples now?

Q: Does the products have CE certificate?
A: ISO9001, CE,certificated as per your requirements.

Q: What's your payment terms?
A: Standard terms: T/T, Paypal.

Q: Can I use my own forwarder to transport the products for me?
A: Of course Okay.

Q: Does the products have CE certificate?
A: Yes. We can offer ISO9001, CE certificated as per your requirements.


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