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2023 years Handmade press on nails 5000 Daily production

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Easywell started machine nails manufacturer, with high quality and good fullness on th market. The package is also welldone and luxury , and there are many styles that can be reused. It takes a long time to wear and has long-term cooperation with 1000 brand customers.

2022 years, our customers have demanded handmade nails, so we have made many handmade nails for our customers. Due to our high quality and pursuit of perfect packaging, design, and style, the production speed of handmade nails is very slow, and the price is relatively high compared to the market. Even so, many customers in Europe and America have placed orders with us. Their feedback is that our handmade nails can be sold at a high price, and the market profit is very considerable, Our handmade nail orders are very full.





2023 years our add many manicurist in main city of china, Daily production 5000 sets.

Press on nails have machine produced and handmade press on nails on the market. Now let's compare the differences between these two types of nails.

Production speed

Machine nails: It is printed in large quantities by machine, a simple process and fast production speed. One machine can produce 3000 to 5000 pcs per day, and there are also many styles that can be designed with a wide range of styles and designs.
Handmade nails: It is made by manicurist, the process is complex and the production speed is slow. One manicurist can make 10-15 set handmade nails every day, with many styles and strong flexibility. The price is high changes with the quality and can be reused.

Process differences

Machine nails: The process steps are simple, the A shape is relatively wide and thin, the pattern printing texture is strong, and there is no hand-painted flexibility. The plastic is strong and extremely strong.
Handmade nails: The process steps are complex, the nail texture is thick, the color painting is realistic and natural, the workmanship is more delicate, the accessories are more textured, and the color level is similar to offline nail enhancement.

Quantity difference

Machine nails: Generally a box of 24/28/30 pcs
Handmade nail: 10 pcs ,also 14 or 20 pcs,  including XS,S,L M, and sizes to choose from. Choose the appropriate size based on the size of the nail surface.





In fact, whether it's machine nails or handmade nails, as long as you put your heart into it and pursue quality, you can meet the needs of various market customers.

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